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    Next course is planned for June. I’ll be opening bookings shortly.

    If you are interested, please drop me a message and I’ll make sure you’re the first to know when the bookings open!

    ‘GET MOVING TO GET UNSTUCK’  is for you if you are:

    • Trying to figure out where to take your career.
    • Feeling stuck, frustrated, bored or stressed out with your job.
    • Wanting to discover more about what you need to feel fulfilled in your career, and work out the first steps to make it happen.

    Over the 5 days, you will get:

    • A daily thought-provoking question to reflect on during your walk
    • A daily self-reflection exercise to do once you get home, building on the question from your walk. 
    • Evening live group sessions on Zoom for discussion, questions, further reflection and support.

    Previous participants said:

    “The course is a great life ‘health check’ – it challenged me to stop and reflect on what is important to me, what my core values are and what I want to achieve in the next 12 months.”

    “I’m incredibly grateful for Heather’s help in coaching me to take positive steps to get my career back on track. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling frustrated and stuck in their current role.”

    “The group setting worked really well as we were able to learn from each other and inspire each other.”

    “I felt in a safe environment… I could be more honest with myself”.

    “Heather made the group sessions very enjoyable”.

    “This course is very thought provoking. It makes you reflect on yourself, which is probably something we don’t do enough. I find I normally put other people before myself.

    It’s £89. I’d love to see you there and help you to get unstuck.


    Creating positive change starts with setting clear, meaningful goals (small or large, short- or long-term) and identifying the key things that you need to maximise your chances of success.

    My online goal-setting workshops provide a focused, but relaxed, environment for you to do just that. 

    ‘GET MOVING TO INTO 2021’  is for you if you:

    • Want to feel a sense of purpose and drive for the months ahead
    • Have things you want to achieve or change in your work or wider life that you’ve been putting off
    • Know you need some time to focus on what YOU need
    • Enjoy getting outdoors and like the idea of using your daily walk for a bit of uninterrupted thinking time

    Join the February workshop and you will get:

    • 2 hour online workshop, split over 2 days
    • Qualified and experienced coach (me!) as your facilitator
    • Small group support
    • Walk & Reflect questions to use on your daily walk in between and after the workshop

    You will leave with:

    • Clarity on what areas of your life or work need focus right now
    • Clear goals to work on for the next 90 days
    • Strategies to improve motivation and deal with obstacles along the way
    • A sense of purpose and drive for the months ahead!

    In addition, you can get:

    • A 1 hour 1-to-1 coaching session with me during the week, to help you delve deeper into the exercises. This is for the much reduced price of £40, a 40% discount on my usual rate. Limited places per day.

    To help stay motivated and on track, sign up for the year and get:

      • 3 x goal-setting workshops (as above)
      • 1 end-of-year review workshop (1 hour)

    TAKING BOOKINGS FOR MAY WORKSHOP SOON. Watch this space or follow me on social media.


    A chance to combine exercise and fresh air with time to focus on you and what you want in your life or business.

    Sessions normally last 2 hours. The usual format is to walk and talk for about 1.5 hours, including some quiet reflection time, then spend 30 minutes over coffee to sum everything up and ensure you go away feeling energised and motivated! (See individual events for specific details). Sessions are in the Wokingham area.

    Click here to view and book all upcoming group events.

    If you don’t see a date coming up, please let me know what you are interested in and I’ll make sure to keep you informed of events.

    Below are examples of the types of sessions I run. 

    Walk & Talk – Goal Setting

    Do you feel you’re always busy, rushing from one thing to the next, just focusing on getting through everything that needs doing at home, at work or for the family? How often do you take a step back from the day-to-day to focus on what you want more of in your life? More focus on health & exercise? A career change? New hobby? Just more time for you? Do you want to get clear on your goals and continue the year full of energy and commitment for the things you want to achieve? What if you could do this while getting some exercise and fresh air, and meeting new people?

    Join a Walk & Talk group coaching session in Wokingham, for a friendly, focused & productive walk.

    Walk & Talk – Goal Setting for business owners

    Are you a local business owner, always busy keeping all the parts of your business running? How often do you take a step back from the day-to-day to focus on how you want your business to develop or on your own personal development? What if you could do this while getting some exercise and fresh air, and meeting other local business owners?

    Join a Walk and Talk group coaching session, focused on creating achievable goals for you and your business in 2020.

    Walk & Talk – Green Living Goal Setting

    Are you feeling concerned about what you read and hear about the damage we are doing to our planet? Perhaps you have already made a few lifestyle changes to reduce your impact, but you want to do more. You’re looking for inspiration and friendly motivation; and people to discuss your ideas and concerns with openly. What if you could do this while getting some exercise and fresh air, and meeting other like-minded people?

    Join a Walk and Talk group coaching session, focused on helping you create achievable green living goals for 2020.