About me

Hi, I’m Heather. I’m a career and leadership coach, and outdoors lover. 

Many successful professionals find that after a number of years climbing the ladder and enjoying the benefits of their corporate life, they start to lose the motivation and confidence they once had and/or start to question their career path. This can lead to increased stress, frustration or boredom, and they  feel stuck about what their next steps should be. 

That’s why I created my range of online and outdoor coaching services. I help corporate managers and leaders find a path to greater fulfilment in their career, through 1 to 1 coaching and group courses, combined with time spent outdoors. 

After working with me, clients have a deeper understanding of what’s truly important to them in work (and their wider life) and their unique strengths. Armed with this knowledge, they have greater confidence in the decisions they make about their own career path and as a leader. They feel energised to take control of their career. They’ve explored their options and started the journey to feeling more authentic in their work. 

I know how it can feel when you’re questioning your career path. You feel guilty having these thoughts, knowing that others see you in a successful job that pays well. You don’t feel comfortable talking about this with others. You start to feel trapped and stuck. 

Since leaving my corporate leadership career and launching my coaching business, I’ve helped many people get unstuck and find their path to career fulfilment, whether that be discovering their own authentic way to lead, finding a better work-life balance, choosing the right internal job move or even making a big career change. 

When you sign up to 1 to 1 or group coaching with me, you’ll gain the confidence to be more you in your work and make the right decisions about your career path, so you can enjoy life more! 

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    My background

    A 20-year IT career at Mars, Inc. ignited my passion for helping others to grow and develop. From my early years as a line manager, I discovered the power of coaching to truly support and motivate others. As a senior leader I continued to utilise and promote this approach, supporting people within and outside my team. Experiencing coaching myself helped me to make some big decisions about my career and ultimately led me to follow my strengths and start my own business.

    I would describe myself as supportive, understanding, perceptive and positive. My clients tell me that I build trust quickly and help them see things differently, without judgement. Take a look at some of the feedback.

    I’ve always loved to be outdoors, especially walking or riding my bike. Since starting my business, I have discovered how powerful it can be to take my clients outdoors and close to nature, and even have ways of bringing these benefits to remote clients.

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    My partnership with JUST ONE Tree

    I’m passionate about protecting our beautiful planet and want my business to reflect this too. I’m therefore proud to be a partner of JUST ONE Tree, planting one tree for every new client who works with me.

    More about me

    I take my continued development as a coach seriously and regularly top up my knowledge through courses, workshops or self-led learning. My formal qualifications include:

    • ILM Level 5 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring
    • ILM Level 7 Diploma for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors
    • ILM Enhanced Performance Strategies for Neuro-Differences in the Workplace

    As well as learning about general coaching tools and techniques, I have completed a 2-week outdoor coaching course, ‘Nature as Co-Facilitator’, to ensure I can fully bring the benefits of coaching outdoors to my clients.

    Importantly, I am also an EMCC* Accredited Coach. This means I have demonstrated to this professional body that I have a recognised coaching qualification, have the required hours of coaching experience, continually work on my own professional development to ensure I am bringing the best tools and techniques to my clients, and understand and apply the EMCC Global Code of Ethics in my work.

    * European Mentoring & Coaching Council

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