Are you struggling to feel motivated and fulfilled with your career? Have you been asking yourself what’s next for you, or if this is what you really want to be doing in 5 or 10 years time? Do you feel you need to change something, but are struggling to identify what?

Perhaps you’ve had a few ideas, but you’re not sure how to move forward, lack the confidence to do it or you worry what others will think. Through supportive & non-judgemental coaching, I help you to discover what really matters to you and build your confidence to make the changes you need to be more fulfilled in life & work.

Perhaps you’ve been considering a career change, or whether to push for that promotion, or to drive a new business idea forward?

On top of your worries about your work, perhaps you’re always trying to find more time for your hobbies, exercise, socialising or spending time with family, but it never seems to happen.

With 1 to 1 coaching, I can help you to clarify your goals, explore what could be holding you back and, most importantly, feel committed to take action.

I offer outdoor coaching in the Wokingham/Reading area or further afield, and virtual sessions online. I love the power of being outdoors to help you pause, breathe and reflect away from your busy life. Walking is proven to support creativity, and being close to nature will also help you to see things from new perspectives and connect to what is truly important to you. I can even bring some of these benefits into virtual sessions.

Whether you’re a leader within a corporate environment, or running your own business, I’m here to support you to find confidence and clarity in your next steps.

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    Unlock your strengths

    I passionately believe that everyone has the ability to make positive change in their life, and that focusing on your strengths leads to the most effective and long-lasting change.

    I provide a coaching environment that is completely non-judgemental, encouraging and supportive, to allow you to fully explore your own thoughts & feelings about your goals.

    I help you to identify those inner-most beliefs that perhaps you didn’t realise were holding you back. I work with you to identify and analyse your options. I am also there to challenge you when needed.

    Making change isn’t easy (otherwise you’d have done it already!), so you need to be ready to step outside your comfort zone and invest energy into the journey.

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    With the right support

    I am a qualified coach, with many hours of coaching experience. I have helped clients with a range of goals, such as to improve confidence at work, get more motivated to exercise, make career decisions, network more effectively & more. Please see my testimonials!

    I can provide coaching face-to-face (in the Wokingham/Reading area or further afield) or via online video. Or why not try my Walk & Talk coaching, for that extra boost of energy and inspiration? My core coaching package includes six 90 minute coaching sessions. That’s 9 hours of time spent focusing on YOU and making positive change to YOUR LIFE.

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  • I’d love to talk to you about how coaching could help you. Take a look at my coaching packages and get in touch to arrange a no obligation 30-minute chat.

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