Discover Your Values session

  • ‘Discover Your Values’ session
  • Identify and explore what’s at the heart of your fulfilment in work (and wider life) – your core values.

    Your values sum up what is most important to you in life. Your core values are those that are absolutely needed for you to feel grounded, motivated, energised and fulfilled, whether that’s in work or your wider life. When your core values aren’t met, you can feel uneasy, frustrated, angry or simply bored.

    A deeper understanding of your core values can support you to make difficult decisions, deal with conflict, stand your ground, and generally feel more confident as a leader or business owner.

    Thinking more longer term, it can support you to make more confident choices about your career path.

    Book an online Discover Your Values session and we’ll use some nature inspiration to help you connect to what’s truly important to you.

    Or, if you’re local to me (in Wokingham, UK), we can even take the session outdoors, at a beautiful lakeside location.

    Includes a handout to take away for further self- reflection work.

    Book ONLINE values session Book OUTDOOR values session

    Online – 60 mins – £99
    Outdoors (near Wokingham) – 90 mins – £120

    “My ‘Discover Your Values’ session with Heather was extremely beneficial. There is something about walking outdoors in nature that frees up the mind and the tongue and gets the creative juices flowing! Heather’s highly tuned levels of perception and careful guiding of the session… meant that we fairly quickly got to some interesting nuggets I had never considered. Having arrived with my own list I realised many were simply positive attributes I wished to display in business, rather than going to the heart of who I really am as a person. The session has kick-started the process of identifying my true values, which will enable me to live and work in closer alignment with those and make decisions more easily. I’d highly recommend working with Heather!”

    Nikki, Magazine Publisher

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